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Diné Pride is the official LGBTQ+ celebration for the largest Sovereign Nation in the United States.

Proudly hosted in Window Rock, Arizona - several virtual events are planned this year during these new times together.


Long before Stonewall & Obergefell v. Hodges, our Sovereign Nations honored & recognized our existence in history. Being LGBTQ meant you were sacred & revered. That is what we are advocating for - families, sovereignty, & our right to be. 

Alray Nelson

Executive Director, Diné Pride

Lead Organizer, Diné Equality 

DeAndra Wagner | Communications Director

Curtis Berry | Operations Director

Brennen Yonnie | Finance Director 

Raymona Uentillie | Logistics Director 

Josie Raphaelito | Program Director

Francis Geronimo Louie | Youth Director  

Tomahawk Martini | Entertainment Director

Rapheal Begay | Art Director

Mariah Lizer | Veterans Director

Trish Arviso | Board of Director

Jacoby Antone | Board of Director


We will honor & celebrate our LGBTQ+ relatives & reaffirm the sacredness of their identities.

There are countless socio-economic & educational disparities that impact our community. Diné Pride will reintroduce traditional knowledge & teachings that kept our LGBTQ+ relatives safe & revered - the way our culture recognized at one point in history.

Phone: (505) 569-1516

Email: NavajoNationPride@gmail.com

Mattee Jim

Diné Transgender Leader

Michelle Sherman 

Founder, Celebrate Life Initiative

Oriah Lee

Two-Spirit Leader & Performer

Bry Cordell Smiley

Diné LGBTQ+ Youth Leader

Diné Pride is honoring & celebrating our LGBTQ+ relatives & reaffirming the sacredness of their heritage. There are many social disparities that affect our community & our Pride event hopes to reintroduce Navajo teachings that kept our LGBTQ+ relatives safe & revered - the way our culture recognized at one point in history.

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