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  • Who is welcomed at Diné Pride?
    Our events are open to everyone who believes that love defeats hate. Navajo Nation Pride was founded as a family-friendly celebration.
  • Is Diné Pride family-friendly?
    Yes! Our celebration acknowledges the diversity of our community members and the sacredness of our LGBTQ+ identities. All are welcome here.
  • Are there any admission fees for Diné Pride?
    WE ARE SACRED Drag Show on Friday, June 23rd is free to the general public. ONE PEOPLE Pride Parade is free to the general public. ONE NATION Pride Festival & Marketplace on Saturday, June 24th is $5.00 admission for all. WE ARE ONE Drag After-Party on Saturday, June 24th is $15.00 admission for all.
  • Are Face Masks required?
    No, facemasks are optional to wear. The Navajo Nation has lifted all COVID-health restrictions since February 2023.
  • How do I set-up a booth space for the Pride events?
    Fill out our online-form: Reserve Your Booth Space!
  • Can we have a float or march in the Pride Parade?
    Yes you can!
  • How far is Gallup, New Mexico, from Window Rock, Arizona? "
    Depending on morning & afternoon traffic, the commute both ways is estimated at 30 minutes.
  • Where can I camp or set-up my RV trailer that weekend?
    Visitors can contact USA RV Park in Gallup, New Mexico. There is no camping in Window Rock, Arizona. 2925 W Historic Hwy 66, Gallup, NM 87301 (505) 863-5021
  • Is alochol allowed on the Navajo Nation?
    No. The Navajo Nation is sovereign land and we urge our guests to respect tribal laws.
  • How can I get a media/press pass?
    All members of the media will need to sign-up for credentials. Email: This includes photographers and video media. Contact: Alray Nelson, Executive Director (505) 862-9466
  • How can I perform at Diné Pride?
    Fill out our online form and let us know of your interest: Perform at Pride!
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