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Image by Markus Spiske


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Diné Pride Art Director

Rapheal Begay

Diné Pride is pleased to announce our first exhibition, Sacred Together. Join us in celebrating Indigenous 2SLGBTQ+ creativity and life. The online exhibition has been installed here for the duration of the year until the start of Diné Pride 2021. 
It is through creative rebellion and holistic being that we must navigate and contribute to a changing world. To answer this call and moment in history is an opportunity to project aesthetics, politics, and perspective into our shared existence. Through love and art, we are united.

We are #SacredTogether

Thank you


Featuring the work of Kayla Shaggy, Clint Holtsoi, Ryan Young, Duhon James, Liv Barney, Marcy Angeles, Kyle Todacheeney, Roberta Begaye, Hozho Life (Lorenzo Yazzie), Anaysa Stark, Fidel Frank, Darrell B. House, @505sunshine, Janelle Josea, Nate Lemuel, & Kymon Palau.

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