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The first woman to be elected Navajo Nation Vice President in history, Richelle Montoya is a mother, grandmother, devoted wife, community leader, and matriarch for Indian Country.

Married to United States Army veteran, Olsen Chee, they join their six children to call Torreon/Star Lake, New Mexico, home.

Vice President Richelle Montoya is a fighter and a leader who brings communities together. With Navajo Nation President Buu Nygren, they both continue to uplift the issues important to everyday people and care deeply for our veterans, young people, and elders.

Navajo Nation Pride is honored to recognize Vice President Montoya for her courage, compassion, and our shared belief in equality for all our Indigenous LGBTQ+ family members.

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Mariah Lizer is a veteran, public servant, and emergency medical professional. Serving her fourth year on the Board of Directors, she previously was the liaison for LGBTQIA+ Native American veterans for our organization.

Navajo Nation Pride is honored to recognize Mariah for her years of leadership. She also raised the first Pride flag to be flown on the Navajo Nation capital in 2019 to honor all Indigenous veterans and warriors serving in the United States military.

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Project Rainbow works to promote LGBTQ+ visibility throughout Utah and foster inclusivity in every corner of the state, including being a partner with the Navajo Nation since 2021.

The organization continues to blanket rainbow flags across the Four Corners region with a mission to showcase a powerful feeling of acceptance, caring, and safety for our friends and family that identify as LGBTQ+.

Navajo Nation Pride is honored to recognize the founders and leaders of Project Rainbow from Utah for their courage to uplift the voices of the voiceless. A simple rainbow flag sends a universal message that it is okay to be who you are.

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Hualapai Pride was founded to uplift the voices of their notherweatern tribal nation in Arizona. A federally recognized Indian Tribe since 1883, Hualapai means "People of the Tall Pines".

Through their advocacy and leadership, the leaders of Hualapai Pride hosts an annual gathering, pride parade, and color run for its 1,600+ members. With a sovereign nation that runs 108 miles along the Grand Canyon and Colorado River, the Hualapai Nation is changing the narrative.

Navajo Nation Pride is honored to recognize an organization that is fighting for LGBTQIA+ rights in Arizona and continues to set the standard for Indigenous Pride events in the southwest.

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