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Navajo Councilwomen march for LGBTQ+ Equality

Farmington, New Mexico, hosted one of the regions LGBTQ+ Pride Celebrations this month acknowledging the 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall Riots that occurred in New York City that spurred the Gay Liberation Movement. The event was hosted by community partners like Identity, Inc., and Capacity Builders.

Joining the Diné LGBTQ+ marchers in the historic Farmington Pride Parade was Delegate Charlaine Tso and Delegate Eugenia Charles-Newton. Both represent northern chapters on the 24th Navajo Nation Council.

As one of only three women represented on the Council, you will have me as a champion for our LGBTQ+ community members. From our children to our grandparents, we are all connected. Our traditional teachings provide us guidance on how we approach difficult issues. LGBTQ+ equality means fairness & compassion for all our people, so they can be who they are - free from hatred & discrimination.
- Councilwoman Charlaine Tso

This historic month marks the first time elected leaders from the Navajo Nation Council marched in a Pride Parade celebrating diversity and equality for the LGBTQ+ community. Former President Ben Shelly was the first to march in the Albuquerque Pride Parade in June 2010.

In Navajo, we talk about the importance of kinship because it involves love, compassion, acceptance & respect for all living beings. K’è as I understand is critical to preserving & maintaining our way of life. We have denied the true identities of our LGBTQ+ relatives. It is time we embrace & accept our family members for who they are & restore k’è in the hope that we all live in harmony.
- Councilwoman Eugenia Charles-Newton

The largest Indigenous Pride will be hosted by the Navajo Nation from June 28-29, 2019, in Window Rock, Arizona. Both Councilwoman will provide opening remarks at the annual Diné Pride Festival and participate in various Pride events this month.

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