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Indigenous Women selected to lead Diné Pride, Historic LGBTQ+ Celebration scheduled for 2021

The Navajo Nation gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer and two-spirit community will host the largest Indigenous Pride celebration in the country scheduled for June 2021. The "Sacred Resilience of our Indigenous Women" was selected as the theme.

A new slate of LGBTQIA+ leaders and allies were selected to serve as the Board of Directors to coordinate this historic event. They include several nationally-renowned Indigenous human rights leaders, Native women entrepreneurs, film producers & artisans, LGBTQ+ title holders from around Indian Country, respected Two-Spirit youth leaders, and professionals in the social work, marketing & economics field.

In a press release from Diné Pride Executive Director, Alray Nelson said,

Our Indigenous mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and sisters are to be uplifted, protected, and honored as the matriarchs of our Sovereign Nations. Through their leadership, we are resilient. The new leaders for Diné Pride will fight for the sacred equality of all our relatives and through our theme, uplift the voices of our women this year.

Diné Pride will honor our Indigenous Women who lead our movements & are the changemakers for our Sovereign Nations. We acknowledge the work our women in Indian Country do who have been at the forefront protecting our sacred knowledge, passing forth our oral tradition, and raising resilient communities.

Diné Pride Academic Director, Nicole Johnny added,

The “Sacred Resilience of our Indigenous Women” highlights the matriarchs around us. Our mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and sisters form one of the foundational aspects of Diné society, especially as we are a matrilineal one. I’m proud that Diné Pride chose this theme because the stories of our women need to be heard. We need to protect, listen, and use our voices to bring equitable change for everyone.

Several community-focused LGBTQ+ events are planned this year going into 2021. Board Members are from diverse backgrounds and bring years of experience in organizing and advocacy. They are focused on planning another historic year that will affirm the sacredness of our LGBTQ+ identities.


Diné Pride 2021 Board of Directors:

  • Alray Nelson | Executive Director

  • Curtis Berry | Creative Director

  • Tomahawk Martini | Entertainment Director

  • Rapheal Begay | Art Director

  • Brennen Yonnie | Finance Director

  • Raymona Uentillie | Sales Director

  • Josie Raphaelito | Program Director

  • Francis Geronimo Louie | Youth Director

  • Trish Arviso | Business Director

  • Nicole Johnny | Academic Director

  • Nicole Garcia | Membership Director

  • Sheila Redhouse | Board of Director

  • Té Diamond Title | Board of Director

  • Leslie Lewinsky | Board of Director

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