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Diné Pride launches campaign to fight COVID-19, Pride celebration in June could be postponed.

Our LGBTQ+ Indigenous relatives on the Navajo Nation and across Indian Country are living resiliently today because of the LGBTQ+ people who came before us who fought for our right to exist. From the criminalization of our identities to the devastation of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, we have come together to use our collective power to survive and to thrive with our traditional songs, ceremonies, and prayers. We also know from our history that those who are most marginalized are most vulnerable.

For our Indigenous LGBTQ+ family members during this crisis, the COVID-19 pandemic will have a detrimental impact on our community - for those who are immune-compromised, are of advanced age, are working-class, poor, sex workers, those who are pregnant, our medical workers, those experiencing homelessness, trans and non-binary people, those in jails, prisons, or in detention centers, and those who have underlying and chronic health conditions.

It is imperative to our organization that we hold tribal leaders accountable and ensure those who are often forgotten have the resources to simply survive. To this end, Diné Pride is committed to using our power and voice to continue to fight for the resources, support, and rights of our LGBTQ+ relatives throughout this pandemic and after.
- DeAndra Wagner, Communications Director

Diné Pride is the largest Indigenous LGBTQ+ Pride Celebration in the country. This year we will honor our LGBTQ+ youth who are the movement leaders & changemakers for our Sovereign Nations today. Before Manifest Destiny, the forced removal of Native children to boarding schools, and the Stonewall riots in New York City - our Indigenous gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, & two-spirit family members were revered and honored as sacred beings. Our young people are reclaiming that history & protecting sacred knowledge for the next generation. We will not cancel our historic events this year because of this pandemic.

Diné Pride could be postponed until later this year. We are working closely with Navajo Nation leaders to ensure our family members are protected and safe - thats our highest priority. Any major changes, we will let the general public know by May.
- Alray Nelson, Executive Director

We have launched the #StrongTogether Campaign with the goal of providing our Indiegnious LGBTQ+ relatives with specific information on COVID-19, opportunities to connect through virtual networking events, and much more. Our duty as an LGBTQ+ serving organization is to step up to support our most vulnerable. You can find details about ways to access resources and support here:

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