Indigenous Womxn

June 25, 26, 27, 2021

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Your contribution will launch our movement forward as we bring LGBTQ+ inclusive events to the most rural and urban areas of the Navajo Nation.

Our Pride Volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization. From our hard-working volunteers to our staff, each person is leading this movement.

Your online information resource for all things related to our fight on the Navajo Nation against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Visit our virtual art gallery showcasing Indigenous LGBTQ+ Artists from around the globe.

Image by Markus Spiske
Box of Crayons

In response to requests from American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) youth, Western States Center partnered with the Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians, the Center for Native American Youth, and Native Youth Leadership Alliance to develop a resource toolkit for and with young Native leaders.

Indigenizing Love is written to support Native youth, tribal communities, Two-Spirit and Native LGBTQIA+ collectives, community leaders, and partners who intend to better understand and support our Two-Spirit and LGBTQIA+ communities.


Uplifting Indigenous Womxn

In 2021, Diné Pride will honor all Indigenous Womxn who continue to uplift communities, lead our movements, & are the changemakers for our Sovereign Nations. Before Manifest Destiny, the forced removal of Native children to boarding schools, the Women's Rights Movement, & the Stonewall riots in New York City - our Indigenous womxn have been at the forefront protecting sacred knowledge, passing forth our oral tradition, and raising resilient Nations. We are and will continue to honor the role of our matriarchs for generations to come. 


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Ms. Mattee Jim

Diné Pride is the official LGBTQ+ celebration for the largest Sovereign Nation in the United States.

Proudly hosted in Window Rock, Arizona - several virtual events are planned this year during these new times together.

Alray Nelson

Long before the Stonewall riots, the Obergefell v. Hodges case guaranteeing marriage equality, or the forced removal of our youth to boarding schools - our people recognized our existence in history. Being LGBTQIA+ meant you were a sacred being that was revered. Our Indigenous mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and sisters are to be uplifted, protected, and honored as the matriarchs of our Sovereign Nations. Through their leadership, we are resilient. That is what we are advocating for - families, sovereignty, & our right to be. 

Executive Director, Diné Pride

Lead Organizer, Diné Equality 

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Board of Directors 

Curtis Berry | Creative Director

Tomahawk Martini | Entertainment Director

Rapheal Begay | Art Director

Brennen Yonnie | Finance Director 

Raymona Uentillie | Sales Director 

Josie Raphaelito | Program Director

Francis Geronimo Louie | Youth Director

Trish Arviso | Business Director

Nicole Garcia | Membership Director

Sheila Redhouse | Board of Director

Nicole Johnny  | Academic Director

Té Diamond Title | Board of Director

Leslie Lewinsky | Board of Director


Our Mission & Vision

We will honor & celebrate our LGBTQ+ relatives & reaffirm the sacredness of their identities.

There are countless socio-economic & educational disparities that impact our community. Diné Pride will reintroduce traditional knowledge & teachings that kept our LGBTQ+ relatives safe & revered - the way our culture recognized at one point in history.

Phone: (505) 569-1516


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Mattee Jim

Diné Transgender Leader

Michelle Sherman 

Founder, Celebrate Life Initiative

Oriah Lee

Two-Spirit Leader & Performer

Bry Cordell Smiley

Diné LGBTQ+ Youth Leader

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Diné Pride is honoring & celebrating our LGBTQ+ relatives & reaffirming the sacredness of their heritage. There are many social disparities that affect our community & our Pride event hopes to reintroduce Navajo teachings that kept our LGBTQ+ relatives safe & revered - the way our culture recognized at one point in history.

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